Preventive pelvic floor muscle training

Preventive training of the pelvic floor muscle can have positive effects on individuals, society and the economy in several ways.

Individual health benefits

✓ Preventing pelvic floor problems

Pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in supporting organs in the pelvic area, such as the bladder, intestines and uterus. Preventive training can help prevent conditions such as incontinence, pelvic pain and prolapse in both men and women.

✓ Improving sexual health

Strong pelvic floor muscles help improve pelvic floor control and can improve sexual well-being, which can affect individual relationships and quality of life.

Social benefits

✓ Reduced health care costs

Preventive measures such as pelvic floor muscle training can prevent or reduce health problems, which can reduce pressure on health care systems and lower costs.

Economic benefits

✓ Reduced absenteeism

Preventing pelvic floor-related health problems can reduce sick days, benefiting employers and the economy as a whole.

✓ Promoting active aging

Older adults with strong pelvic floor muscles may have a higher quality of life and be more active, which can support the economy through active participation in society and the labor market.

✓ Increased productivity

Individuals with good health, including a healthy pelvic floor, often have higher labor productivity because they miss less time due to health problems.

Overall, then, preventive pelvic floor muscle training can lead to a healthier population, reduced healthcare costs, improved workplace productivity and more active aging, which has positive effects on both individuals and society as a whole.

Parties involved in setting up preventive pelvic floor training programs

Establishing preventive pelvic floor training may require collaboration between different professional groups and agencies. Here are some key parties involved:

✓ Healthcare professionals

Physical therapists: These professionals can offer expertise in pelvic floor health and provide specialized training sessions.

Gynecologists and urologists: Physicians can offer their medical knowledge and support, including identifying people who may benefit from pelvic floor training.

✓ Health educators

Health educators: These professionals can provide information about the importance of pelvic floor health and preventing problems. They can also help raise awareness about available workouts.

✓ Sports and fitness professionals.

Personal trainers: They can work with physical therapists to incorporate specific exercises aimed at strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

Yoga or pilates instructors: These experts can offer exercises that support and strengthen the pelvic floor.

✓ Local Government and Municipality

Grant funding: Local governments can provide grants to support preventive health programs. It is important to submit a well-argued proposal that highlights the benefits of pelvic floor training.

✓ Health insurers

Collaboration with insurers: Engaging health insurers can be valuable. They may be interested in supporting preventive measures that can reduce long-term healthcare costs.

✓ Elderly organizations, Women's associations, etc.:

Community organizations: Involving local organizations that are active in the community can help reach a wider audience. For example, elderly organizations or women's associations may represent specific audiences.

Promotion and Marketing Experts.

Marketing professionals: They can help develop effective campaigns to raise awareness and get people excited about participating in the trainings.

By putting together an integrated team of these professionals and agencies, you can create a holistic and attractive preventive pelvic floor training program. Highlighting the health benefits, involvement of local healthcare professionals and financial support from the municipality can increase the attractiveness to participants.

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