Pelvic instability

Pain in the pelvis can have several causes:

✓ Pelvic instability after pregnancy, twisting in pelvis give pain. Pain in the tailbone can also occur.

✓ Pelvic dysfunction, the pelvis can no longer be fixed by muscle strength

✓ Leg length difference due to growth difference between left and right leg. This causes twisting in pelvis and back, with painful compensations.

✓ Symphysis skewing of the pelvis.

Role of pelvic floor

The pain experience will reduce the intensity and frequency of pelvic floor muscle use. This will cause various pelvic-related complaints, such as incontinence, etc.

After the pain is reduced or gone, the pelvic floor muscle can be trained again. Consider endurance strength training and eventually strength training with coordination training.

Treatment for pelvic instability

Depending on the cause, treatment is used to eliminate, reduce or prevent the pain. For example, pelvic correction or elimination of length differences through alignment and alignment of the pelvis.

After treatment the pelvic floor muscles should be trained to give a new balance and feedback.

Using the Pelvictrainer

The Pelvictrainer® registers externally the degree of your activity in your pelvic floor muscle and shows this in the form of a signal on a screen (bio feedback). You sit on the chair with your clothes on.

The Pelvictrainer® is mainly used for endurance training (endurance on low effort) and coordination.

Basic endurance training for pelvic instability

After the pain is greatly reduced, training can be done for mobility and strength of the pelvic floor muscle. Finally, coordination training may follow.


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What can I do?

If you are interested in non-internal pelvic exercise with biofeedback, ask your fitness practitioner or (pelvic) physical therapist for use of the Pelvictrainer®.

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