Daily pelvic floor exercises

Treatment of pelvic-related complaints involves daily exercises and instruction. The daily exercises focus on posture and movement. Think of tightening and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles in e.g. lying down, sitting, standing and standing up movement.

By consciously training the pelvic floor muscles for a moment every day, you will eventually create the correct reflexes automatically. For example, do not push when coughing, exerting force and lifting, but instead tighten the pelvic floor. In addition to the necessary exercises, you should also pay attention to your diet and fluid intake.

Role of the pelvic floor

The pelvic floor muscle acts too much on incompetent and unconscious reflexes.

Pelvic floor muscle training focuses on becoming aware and unlearning the wrong behaviors in order to eventually arrive at more competent unconscious reflexes.

Performing exercises at home

ADL exercises you can do at home daily (10 times) are:

✓ Lying down, press your lower back to the floor by tilting pelvis. Perform this slowly to increase awareness

✓ On hands and feet, hollow-bulge your back. Inhale when hollowing, exhale when rounding

✓ Stand against the wall with normal hollowing of the back. While tensing the pelvic floor, press the lower back flat against the wall.

✓ Actively sit on a chair. Stretch your back as if lifting your head while tensing your pelvic floor muscle.

✓ Actively stand upright with ordinary arch of the back. Straighten your back while tensing your pelvic floor muscle.

✓ Stand up from chair, tensing your pelvic floor muscle.

Using the Pelvictrainer®

The Pelvictrainer® registers externally the degree of your activity in your pelvic floor muscle and shows this in the form of a signal on a screen (bio feedback). You sit on the chair with your clothes on.

Using the Pelvic Trainer

Should you want to see biofeedback of your muscle effort and muscle relaxation, the Pelvictrainer® is a very suitable device for you.

It does not work intimately, so with your clothes on you can see to what extent you are tensing, relaxing but also how fast you can perform these movements.

Treatment schedule

Daily pelvic floor exercises


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What can I do?

If you are interested in non-internal pelvic exercise with biofeedback, ask your fitness practitioner or (pelvic) physical therapist for use of the Pelvictrainer®.

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