Back and knee pain

Patient: female, [...] years old

Diagnosis: Back pain and knee pain with instability of spine and knee

Treatment method: , [...] Training treatments with the Pelvictrainer

Result: 100% pain free

Back pain and knee pain with instability of spine and knee

This case is about an unathletic Swiss woman, whose exact age is not specified, who came to our physical therapy practice. She was struggling with back pain and knee pain due to instability of her spine and knee.

This woman did not initially come to the practice because of incontinence problems, nor had she mentioned this in her medical history. Her main concern was the back and knee pain she was experiencing. Her quality of life was severely limited by these problems.

The physical therapists at our practice suggested that she train with the Pelvictrainer to improve her core stability. The patient agreed and began the exercise treatments.

Surprisingly, upon completion of the treatments, the woman reported not only a significant improvement in her core stability, but also that she was back to 100% continent. This meant that she no longer suffered from incontinence, even though she was not originally treated for it. In addition, her back problems, which were also treated with manual therapy, exercise therapy and Easytaping, were completely gone. The instability in her knees was treated with separate methods and also successfully treated.

This patient's story highlights the amazing effect of proper therapy and targeted training. Even though she did not seek immediate help for her incontinence problem, the improvement in her core stability led to an unexpected and satisfying change in her life. This illustrates how physical therapy can help address several health problems simultaneously and improve the patient's quality of life.

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