Pelvictrainer® models

Pelvictrainer® Technology at our OEM Partners

Msys Technology supplies the intelligent blue beak trainer hose to the OEM partners listed below. Msys Technolgy also provides the associated software, including an artificial intelligence module (ML) that estimates pelvic floor activity (perception).

Pelvictrainer® Portable Including:

  • Sensor tube
  • Detection of muscle activity based on artificial intelligence
  • Data transfer USB cable
  • Portable seat board
  • Software

Pelvictrainer® Portable BlueTooth Including:

  • Wireless sensor tube
  • Detection of muscle activity
  • USB charging cable
  • Portable seat board
  • Software

Soost Hong Kong


  • 1 computer with a large touch screen
  • 1 pelvic floor sensor, height adjustable
  • 1 horizontally adjustable backrest
  • 1 Pelvictrainer® software incl. Updates
  • Manual
  • Workshop by arrangement

See for further information, for example about the prices.

Contact eXcio company.


  • 1 computer with touch screen
  • 1 sensor, height adjustable, detection
  • 1 horizontally adjustable backrest
  • 1 Pelvictrainer® software incl. Updates
  • Manual
  • Workshop by arrangement

See for more information.

Contact Stolzenberg GmbH

Advantages of the pelvic base trainer

  • Pelvic floor training without intimate contact
  • Standard procedures for pelvic base rehabilitation
  • The world's first bio-active pelvic floor training device
  • Reproducible and valid

Evaluation and training in one device

  • Different variations
  • Port to connect a notebook
  • Touch screen device
  • Mobile device on rollers


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Contact  FREI Germany mr. Egetemeir


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The STOIS-Pelvictrainer®

Pelvictrainer® is an effective and comfortable solution for people with weakened muscles of pelvic floor

The training is performed in clothes, without intimate contact, so it is a great alternative for people who cannot break the shame or have other contraindications to using internal probes.

Pelvictrainer® for women and men:

  • Active training of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Specially developed coordination exercises

See or for more information.

Contact  Meden Inmed or email

MSYS Pelvictrainer® PRO_Mobile_S

Demo model Pelvictrainer® PRO_Mobile_S


✓ 1 Pelvictrainer chair, height adjustable with compression spring

✓ 1 Pelvictrainer seat white

✓ 1 Pelvictrainer sensor module (blue)

✓ 1 USB stick with Pelvictrainer Software & Drivers

✓ 1 USB connection cable

✓ 1 USB separation module (Galvanic)

✓ 1 Free software including future updates

✓ 1 Year warranty from date of sale to end customer

✓ 1 User manual in Dutch

✓ 1 Workshop or training in consultation

You order this Pelvictrainer (PRO-Mobile_S) with software from Msys BV (EU) or Msys Technology GmbH (CH) at Price on request.

Standout through innovation: that is the mission of Msys Medical Systems®. Because we believe in great products and solutions that contribute to healthcare.

The products of Msys are the tools for you for effective movement therapy for patients: based on measurement, testing, training, treatment, recording and evaluation.

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