Overtrained pelvic floor

Patient: Female, 42 years old

Diagnosis: Pain during sexual intercourse due to overtrained pelvic floor caused by sports

Treatment method: 9 relaxation training sessions with the Pelvic Trainer

Result: 100% pain free

Pain during sexual intercourse due to overtrained pelvic floor caused by sports

This case is about a 42-year-old very athletic woman who came to our physical therapy practice. She had pain during intercourse due to an overtrained pelvic floor as a result of intense sports. This problem significantly affected her intimacy and quality of life.

During the examination, the physical therapists discovered that although she had strong pelvic floor muscles, she had difficulty relaxing them after tightening them. This led to tension and pain in the pelvic area, especially during sexual intercourse.

The recommended treatment method consisted of 9 relaxation training sessions with the Pelvictrainer. The main goal was to teach her how to properly relax her pelvic floor to reduce the excessive tension.

After only nine training sessions, the patient showed amazing progress. She was now able to effectively relax her pelvic floor, leading to a significant reduction in her pain during intercourse. She reported that she no longer felt any pain after the therapy.

This story underscores the importance of individualized therapy tailored to the patient's specific needs. In this case, targeted relaxation exercises with the Pelvictrainer helped relieve pain caused by excessive tension and significantly improved the patient's quality of life.

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