Low trunk balance

Patient: Female, 59 years old

Diagnosis: Back pain with low trunk balance and moderate incontinence

Treatment method: , [...] Training treatments with the Pelvictrainer

Result: 100% free of complaints

Back pain with low trunk balance and moderate incontinence

This case is about a 59-year-old athletic woman who came to our physical therapy practice. She was struggling with back pain during movement, a very tense pelvic floor and moderate incontinence. These problems significantly affected her quality of life.

During the examination, the physical therapists discovered that although she had good pelvic floor muscles, she had difficulty relaxing them after tightening them. This led to tension and discomfort in the pelvic area.

The treatment method recommended for her included training with the Pelvic Trainer, specifically learning how to relax properly after tightening. This should help rebalance her pelvic floor muscles and bring her incontinence problems under control.

In addition to exercises with the Pelvictrainer, she received manual therapy, exercise therapy and Easytaping to improve her core stability, especially when walking and lifting.

Surprisingly, after a short treatment period of only two sessions, there was significant improvement. The back pain and incontinence she was suffering from were 100% gone. Her core stability had also improved tremendously, which had a positive effect on her range of motion and ability to lift.

This patient's case highlights the importance of targeted physical therapy tailored to a patient's individual needs and difficulties. In this case, the combination of pelvic floor training, manual therapy and exercises led to amazing results that significantly improved the patient's quality of life.

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