World's first external pelvic floor trainer for men and women

The solution for many complaints, such as:

✓ Incontinence or unwanted urine loss

✓ Sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction and impotence

✓ Lower back and pelvic girdle pain

Training your pelvic floor externally and wearing clothes for strength, coordination, endurance and relaxation so that you regain control of your pelvic floor muscle.

This will reduce your discomfort and improve your quality of life!

Our premise is that actively and consciously training your pelvic floor will reduce your complaint faster.

About the Pelvictrainer®


You can instantly see if you are using your pelvic floor muscle. Learn faster and more accurately to reduce your symptoms.

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The three steps to solve a pelvic floor problem

Improve your life with the Pelvictrainer®

Pelvic floor training, measurement and analysis

Pelvicfloor training with clothing on

Training the pelvicfloor-muscle with biofeedback is unique to the Pelvictrainer®, because you can keep your clothes on. This saves a lot of inconvenience to the specialist and makes pelvic floor training accessible to everyone!

Validated training patterns

With the Pelvictrainer® you train in the field of speed, strength, endurance and relaxation. After the baseline measurement (test on your strength) in an open training train in what you can.

Biofeedback during training

The course of training is displayed realtime on a screen. The program compares performance after training and provides an analysis in the areas of speed, strength, endurance and relaxation.

For men and women

The Pelvictrainer® is for both men and women! Pelvic floor complaints are often only related to women. For men, the Pelvictrainer can be used in fitness (a stronger core), sexual complaints and impotence.

Measure your Pelvic performance

When exercising your pelvic floor muscle with the Pelvictrainer® the results are measured and displayed by our innovative and intuitive software Medicalbench®. Options for training the pelvis and pelvic floor:

✓ Strength

✓ Endurance

✓ Speed

✓ Relaxation


Connection with Medicalbench® makes it possible to perform trend analyses.


Conferences and publications

IFOMPT Congres

June 2024 in Basel, Switzerland

LBP: Low Back & Pelvic Girdle Pain in Melbourne

Contribution to the LBP conference of DAMT 4xT (Dynamic ArthroMyofacial Translation Test) in relation to pelvic floor physical therapy and low back pain (experience of clinicians in the treatment of lumbopelvic pain)

Title: Fascia tissue manipulation using skin displacement at the lumbar spine affects flexion and extension of the spine, pelvic and hip range of motion, by Robbert Van Amstel MSc

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